ChristmasCardPhoto-75 (1)Sophistication and comfort, simplicity and richness, utility and beauty . . . these words define me.

Growing up in the glorious Palouse hills of Idaho inspired me to find beauty in every space. My own love of the creative process drove me to take this beauty and bring it home. Beginning with my own home – shared since 2011 with my talented designer husband, Jeremiah  - I discovered a passion for crafting spaces that communicate both homeyness and sophistication to those who used them.

 I approach design like a wardrobe – using the foundation of strong, classic pieces brought to life (and made uniquely YOU) by the accessories of color and pattern. And like a wardrobe, I think of each person’s home as an outgrowth of themselves. My strength is translating my customer’s individual aesthetic into a sophisticated design that speaks loudly of their personality. Because each person I work with is unique, the style I employ also varies from person to person. My background as a certified interior designer keeps me grounded in the classics, while my love of color and pattern drives me to create custom designs with a large element of ingenuity. Since founding Kelsey Design in 2011, this approach has resonated in my hometown of Moscow, ID and has led to numerous happy customers all over the Northwest.

While I love design for its own sake, my greatest creative inspiration flows from my own home and family. My husband’s support and love inspire me to not only create a space for us that reflects our love of beauty, our desire for comfort, and our passion for Christian hospitality, but also drives me to help other people achieve the same goal.

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