Color Trend


Everywhere I turn, there it is: pink, and lots of it. It’s making me a little too ready for peonies on the table and some serious pool time. And, just enough ready for Valentine’s Day.

Wuthering Heights: Anthro penguin classic // Phone: Henri Bendel pop bluetooth // Notebook: Furbish pink lizard journal // Earrings: Kate Spade studs // Box: Furbish Iris Paper laquer box // Scarf: Jcrew wool-silk map scarf // Pillow: Furbish silk ikat pillow // Shoes: Jcrew Darby leather loafers // Je T’aime: Anthro stationery // Door: a Pinterest find by NestDecorating // Love: Furbish paperweight // Pillow: Furbish pink leopard lumbar

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