Initial Necklace

Darleen Meier designs simple, elegant jewelry pieces. This initial necklace is one of my favorites. So simple yet it adds the right amount of finish to any outfit. I’m loving the simple, no-fuss jewelry trend right now.

Check out Darleen’s shop and be ready for the brightest pink packaging to arrive at your door!

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Styled & Restyled

styled : restyled.001I pinned this picture almost a year ago and finally spotted a look-a-like. Those leather pockets are hard to forget. Now, we just need to find some spring…

Club Monaco dress // Madewell sandals // BaubleBar gold cuff // TopShop parka

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We’re Here & Christmas Sparkles


nails // gold stacking rings // Jcrew pave link bracelet // Made By Girl bracelet // gold watch // Hunter boots

We are here, finally. After 4 days of driving, 2700 miles, 7 states, 3 Ikea runs, we are in our place and I am bordering on the line of saying we are settled. The kind of settled where all the Ikea furniture is standing, my closet resembles a giant junk drawer, the kitchen cabinets can close {if you’ve moved recently, you’ll understand what a feat this is}, and the floors are box-free enough for the dog to run laps. The tv turns on, I’ve done the first load of laundry, and we finally have internet. Cheers to the longest and fastest week in history. Oh, and did I mention that the hubs had to fly out for his granny’s funeral? That’s right. I packed up our home to move across the country all. by. myself. {lest you feel too bad for me, my wonderful family helped me every single step of the way including when we had to switch U-hauls. I know, right? I could not have done it without them.} Anyways, I think I’m in the running for the wife of the year award.

On the bright side, it has been in the sixties here and sunglasses are my best friend. I think I forgot what sunshine looked like. Although, since spring doesn’t really begin until June in Idaho, I feel like I’ve missed out on the half the year and find myself already missing the snow. Is that normal? Also, since we’re on the subject, is it normal to walk into the grocery store and see shelves full of 5 lb. buckets of lard? And gallon size cans of boiled peanuts? This was a definite “I’m not from around these parts” moment. What does a person even do with boiled peanuts? Especially a gallon size can of boiled peanuts? Maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s because I’m a west coast girl, maybe I didn’t read enough southern novels, or maybe I’m just naive. But either way, Mr. George Carver would be very proud, I’m sure.

It feels like a such a long time since I’ve cracked open this little blog of mine. I apologize. Holidays and moving have a tendency to take over. So, let’s catch up. Merry Christmas! Happy New Years Eve! Happy New Years! And happy anniversary to the hubs and I! And happy first real work week of the year! There, now we’re good.

xo Kelsey

P.S. I felt very bedazzled this Christmas by the hubs as you can see by the pictures.