Lady a la Mode: Fall Outfits

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Hello lovely Kelsey Design readers! I’m thrilled to be doing a guest post for the adorable Kelsey while she is frolicking about in Europe! I blog over at Lady à la Mode and couldn’t pass up an opportunity to share my favorite fall fashions. I’ve gathered up 5 of my recent get-ups that showcases some of my favorite trends of the season.

Come fall time, I’m all about jackets. Right now I can’t get enough of jean jackets with (faux) leather sleeves. Overall they are pretty casual but the sleeves amp up the edge factor which makes them great for day or night.

I love cozy oversized sweaters and this season I’m loving all the printed options. From sweet animals to little written phrases, these styles add a quirky element into any outfit.

Everywhere I turn I see a moto inspired or denim vest. I’ve become completely smitten with them because they make for the perfect layering piece. Living in L.A. the weather is still pretty warm so this is a great in between option!

For any of you who already follow me would know just how obsessed I really am with bows. It makes me giddy to see how many blouses have front bowties right now but in the case that one doesn’t, I’ve been adding my own ribbons around the collar just so I can have one; they really make an outfit!

With all the military inspired fashions it’s hard not to get swept into buying super trendy pieces. I wouldn’t buy a full camo jacket because it wouldn’t last long. Instead I’m all about solid army green utility jackets that can be worn year to year. I’ve had this one for three already!

What are some of your favorite trends right now? Would love to hear from you guys! To keep in touch and for other daily treats you can visit me at my blog right over here!

Freckled Fashionista: Fall Fashion

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Hi Kelsey Design readers, Anna here from Freckled Fashionista! I am so happy to be guest posting for one of my new favorite blogs! I am so thrilled when Kelsey asked me to do a post about fall, my most favorite time for fashion!

I love everything that comes with fall : changing leaves, hot coffee, football games, pumpkin patches, and cozy nights by the fire! But I also have been loving these new trendy fall colors like deep forest green and wine (oxblood, burgundy, and all the other long list of names people have been calling it).

I put together a list of my fall essentials that I have been crazy out this October.

1. Cozy cozy sweaters. I mean … what’s not to love? Especially when the weather starts to turn theses will be your go-to in the morning, in the dark, trying to get ready for work.

2. Dark denim.I love chambrays all day every day and this darker color will go great under sweaters and by itself!

3. Military Jackets. So last season you thought? Think not. These jackets are here to stay. The military green looks good on just about anyone and the color is a perfect transition from summer to fall.

4. Leather backpack. I just really really really like them.

5. Cheetah loafers. So happy these comfortable loafers are in style right now. Any loafers are great but I like to have a fun print to spice up my cold weather wear.

6. Short riding boots. Wear them EVERYWHERE with ease, no need to worry about rain! They are so durable and so cute with any color of skinny jeans.

7. Black nail polish. I am a sucker for dark nails, right now mine are black, but burgundy, forest green, slate, and deep purple are all on my list to try out this season.

8. Red lips. In the fall and winter you start to lose your summer glow and nothing brightens your face up more than a pop of color on the lips.

9. Gold jewelery. I am such a fan, I actually own this exact Nixon watch and arrow necklace from Stella and Dot but I highly reccomend getting on the gold train.

10. Burgundy infinity scarves. Keeps your neck warm, keeps you cozy, and keeps you fashionable with this trendy color!

Hope you feel inspired! Come stop by and be a new follower of Freckled Fashionista!

Fall Esentials

Jt & the Sea: Campfire Essentials

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With the Autumnal weather having finally set in, I am so ready for some campfires. Nothing makes me happier than cozying up with my man and my baby, sitting near the burning embers in the chilly night air. Here’s to many a campfire this Fall season!




Sweater Lands End Canvas Similar / Jeans New York and Co. / Scarf  H&M Similar / Boots Bass


Thanks for having me on your beautiful blog Kelsey!~Jennifer

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and learn a bit about my life as a new wife and mother.


A Striped Flamingo: Basic European Outfit

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Hey everyone! I’m April from The Striped Flamingo and I’m so excited that Kelsey asked me to post today!

 I’ve never actually been to Europe, but I’ve always had a basic idea as to what I’d wear if I got the opportunity to tour around Italy or France for a few days.

 The requirements of my outfit would be that it has to be comfortable and stylish. That’s not too much to ask, is it? I’m quite fond of stripes, in case you couldn’t tell from my blog name, so that would be a definite MUST in my European Vacation outfit.

 I think I’d put together something like this:

european vacay The Striped Flamingo

 A striped tee is layered under a blazer for extra warmth during chilly nights. Comfy jeans and riding boots are stylish and perfect for sightseeing while a fun, patterned scarf adds a pop of color (which just happens to be one of my “things”).

 I might make one slight change to this outfit and wear my Pajama Jeans. Well…because they are stretchy. And there is lots of delicious food in Europe. Wearing Pajama Jeans would allow room for my spaghetti-baby, pizza-baby and macaroon-baby to sit comfortably.

Speaking of European food…has anyone else wanted to do the whole Eat Pray Love thing? Okay, has anyone else ever just wanted to do the Eat thing? Oh, that’s just me? Hokay. Ne’ermind.


Forget I said that. Happy Euro vacation, Kelsey! Eat something delicious in my honor

Frills for Thrills: Travel Outfit

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Hi there Kelsey Design readers!

I’m Sarah, the blogger behind Frills for Thrills, where I write about fashion, decorating, and my little family of three.

I didn’t hesitate to accept Kelsey’s request for a guest post while she is away in Europe (totally jelly btw!!!!) because, in a weird way, picking out these items totally made me feel like I was packing up and heading over to Europe with Kelsey and her husband!

As a fellow world traveler, I decided to share a favorite look for a long travel day.

Here is the outfit I picked out:

  Travel Outfit


The key to traveling in style is to be comfortable first and foremost.

Also, even if you want to look extra chic since you’re going to Europe, don’t overdue it on the accessories or makeup. You will have plenty of time for that once you actually arrive at your destination.

Pick something that you look and feel good in.

You’ll be sitting, sleeping, and eating in this outfit so keep it as low maintenance as possible!

What are some of your travel-day essentials?

Come say hi to me over on Frills!

Natalie Merrillyn: European Outfit

Thanks Natalie! xoxo
Hello Kelsey Design readers! I’m Natalie from Natalie Merrillyn and I’m so excited to be filling in for Kelsey today while she’s galavanting around Europe (so jealous!)
I’m so inspired by this image and I think it’d be a perfect outfit for touring Europe (maybe minus the veil?) — a sweet + feminine skirt, comfortable sweater and practical flats.
Get the look:
A huge thank you to Kelsey for having me today — and please stop by Natalie Merrillyn for more inspiration!


Urban Anthropology: Fashion Tips

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Hello Kelsey Design readers.  My name is Natalie Larson and I blog over at Urban Anthro.
I am so happy to be here today sharing with you while Kelsey enjoys her (ahem… not fair) trip to EUROPE!!
I’m a 23 year old girl, finishing up degrees in Music and Anthropology. I’m married to the man of my dreams, and I do this little blogging thing for fun on the side in hopes of pursuing a career in fashion.  Someday.  When school is done.  SO CLOSE.
As you probably all already know, Kelsey is one stylish woman.  When she asked me to do a post about fashion tips, I was quite flattered.
So here goessss nothin’.
First, think pops of color.  These chords are a great way to add life and excitement to a seemingly mediocre outfit.  Mediocracy is the worst enemy of greatness!  Also, if you are thinking of purchasing a “pop of color”, think maroon.  The fashion world is all about it this year.
Second, don’t be afraid to mix and match styles.  For example, the casual bright pants and neon beanie contrast the sophisticated pumps and sleek tank top.  This gives your style a unique and spunky edge.
Third, if you’re in school like me….. stripes and glasses are always a safe bet.  Add some tights, hand warmers, and a big scarf for the colder days.
Fourth, do something unexpected.  Brown and white polka dots with a blue and red heart sweater?  Two things I wouldn’t initially think to put together.  The unexpectedness of the outfit somehow makes it seem like you “know what you’re doing”…. ;)
Fifth: the parka.  Get yourself a military style parka, seriously.  They’re SO COMFY and they are exploding.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t wear it every day.
Six:  The oversized baggy sweater.  Long cozy sweaters can be paired with anything!  Jeans, skirts, heels, tennis shoes, or just curled up in a blanket with a cup of hot tea in the AM before starting your day.
For more images and daily fashion, you can visit me over here :)
A huge thanks to Kelsey for letting me be here today!!

Aunie Sauce: Little Bits of Europe

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Aunie. The Sauce Vixen. That’s not what I’m called, but it sounds like something I would say if I were to catch a ride in Kelsey’s suitcase and traipse along with her to Europe. Haven’t we all dreamed of how we would live life if we were to escape to a foreign country? I have. And I would call myself Aunie, The Sauce Vixen.

My name is Annelise, I go by Aunie, and I hail from a little city in Idaho called Boise. Far far away from the beautiful Europe where Kelsey finds herself today. Though I write a blog about my life and personal style, I have to say—I’m not much for fashion. I just don’t get it. Instead, I opt for simple, everyday wear with a touch of flair. Like mint nails. Or hot pink flats. Or a crazy braided hairstyle. Either way, if it feels like “me,” I’ll wear it.

Were I to catch a plane to visit our traveling friend, I’d probably find myself so out-of-touch with Europe’s fashion standards that I wouldn’t know where to start. So, I guess I’d begin with the basics. I’d furnish an outfit that was simple. Black & white—plain—with a little touch of Europe’s own, a silk scarf from Vienna, Austria and a pair of oversized sunglasses from Italy.

Though I’ve never been to Austria or Italy, I am lucky enough to have a world-class traveling sister who brings me home little presents with each visit. Over top, I’d add a casual military jacket that I picked up from a local thrift shop, a pair of bus-riding boots, and maybe some fingerless gloves. Just for the Europe occasion.

I suppose a trip to Europe at the moment (I’m getting married in less than 40 days) is out of the question… but a girl can dream, can’t she? For more of my day-dreaming and my personal—yet simple—style, visit my blog: Aunie Sauce. I’d love to see you there.

Here & Now: Jessica’s European Inspired Outfit

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{images via 1 // 2 }

Kelsey Design Readers – I am SO excited to be over here with you lovelies today, standing in while Kelsey cruises around the Mediterranean (um, super jealous)!

I’m Jessica from Here&Now where I blog about my daily outfits, adventures in building a stylish wardrobe (aka shopping), and of course my fur baby, Doug the Pug.

{ What I Wore: J.Crew chambray shirt & silk shell // Gap jeggings // ShoeDazzle cap toe flats // Oasap tote // Target sunnies // souvenir scarf // Michael Kors watch }
{ Get the look}
chambray shirt {$24.94} + silk shell {$41.00} + red jeans {$27.00} + cap toe flats {$29.95} + gold watch {$19.99} + studded tote {$38.00} + patterned scarf {$14.99} + classic sunnies {$16.99}
I was completely inspired by the fabulous packing list that Kelsey posted (can we just take a moment to sigh about those leopard pants!?)
I hadn’t pulled out my red jeggings in a while, and thought that they would be a fun base for an outfit I image could take Kelsey from breakfast pastries at a canal side café, exploring San Marco square, to a romantic sunset gondola ride under the Rialto Bridge. 


Re-mixable layers, roomy tote (space for camera, wallet and shopping goodies!), and stylishly comfortable shoes are perfect for exploring the cobblestone streets of Venice


So anyone else going to be pretending their couch is a gondola and that their wine didn’t come from a box tonight? No, just me?!Feel free to visit me over on Here&Now anytime!




Sweetest Somethings: European Outfits

Thanks so much Dina!

Hi all! I’m Dina and I write the lifestyle blog Sweetest Somethings. I’m so thrilled that Kelsey asked me to do a guest post today while she is enjoying her vacation in Europe (jealous!). As a tribute to her vacation I thought I would put together some looks for you guys that would be perfect for a European vacation, or really any trip that involves a significant amount of sight seeing. I went to Europe for the first time in college, and immediately panicked about my attire. My only comfortable walking shoes at the time were Uggs, and I wanted to look more European chic. While it is necessary to stay comfortable, it is also imperative to look great on vacation for all those pictures you will inevitably be taking. It is also important to be able to transition your outfits from day sight seeing activities to evening dinner & drinks, since you may not be close enough to your hotel or have enough time to do a complete outfit change. Check out my two transitional looks below that are perfect go-to’s for vacation! Remember, the most important part of vacation is to have fun and enjoy the place you are visiting.

Don’t forget to stop by Sweetest Somethings for more fashion tips!

xo Dina

Day sight seeing outfit
For a daytime look, go with a comfortable, floaty dress in a fun print. Choose a shoe that compliments the dress and that you can walk in. I like a cross-body bag because it frees your hands for picture taking and all you really need to carry is your camera and a map!


Evening vacation outfit
After a long day of sight seeing you probably don’t want to do a complete outfit change so try throwing on some heels, statement jewels, and a leather jacket to make your outfit evening appropriate.
daytime sightseeing outfit 2
Another option for daytime it to choose a flattering pant, with boots that are comfortable to walk in. Pair it with a fun top, necklace, and some cat eye sunglasses and you are good to walk all day!
evening outfit 2
For that evening try keeping your sweater but glamming it up with some colored tights, booties, and a flirty skirt.
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