Our Bedroom


I wanted this bedroom to be light and airy, but still have some character. Our last bedroom was dark and had way too much packed in it. Space was very limited. In this room though, we have lots of natural light which has quickly become the number one item on my “must have in a house” list.

A couple usually has different tastes. Thankfully, JT and I agree most of the time and build on each other’s ideas. He wanted a very, very streamlined modern space- a low to ground bed, all white, etc. Our last bedroom had a bright coral headboard and it scared him a little too much I think. I wanted a modern look too (it just feels a lot cleaner and more freeing to me), but of course am drawn to more of a “glam” look. I just can’t completely suppress all my girly, “I wish I lived in Paris in the early 1900′s” urges. So, compromise.



There’s not a single touch of pink, but leopard velvet pillows add my necessary touch of glam. The mirror is very ornate and serves as the focal point in the room, but it is still clean and modern because of the white laquer finish. The bed is simple and I choose white floating shelves as our nightstands to seamlessly blend in. The linear wall lamps and curtains ground all the white with a good dose of black and balance out the ornateness of the mirror.



And of course, a poodle makes every room complete. Vincent approves.

I felt like I had so many directions I could have gone. I really relied on my Pinterest board to make sure I was sticking to looks I actually liked and not getting distracted!



Tip #1: Every space should have a touch of black. If you feel like your room isn’t quite there, double check to make sure it is grounded with some black accents.

Tip #2: Did you know animal print is considered a neutral in the design world?



How to Style a Coffee Table

coffee table.001

photo 1



photo 2

shop the look.003

I am really happy with the way our coffee table turned out. Everything is coming together! Lucite, greek key, gold accents, and lots of black and white- what more could I ask for? I’ll share more pictures of our home next week.

CB2: lucite coffee table // Target: gold sea urchin // Target: ram horns (sold out) // Nordstrom’s: horn magnifying glass // Amazon: 50 Years of Fashion Illustration // Amazon: Black and White // Target: greek key pillows // a Ross find: gold hand

A Modern Classic: The Tulip Table


So, our little place is empty. And it’s pretty close to only having our sofa, bed, boxes, and our tree {which is dropping needles like there’s no tomorrow}. You would think it be feel lonely and empty especially with Christmas less than a week away. But actually, it is sooooo nice. I’m loving the open, we have no stuff, there’s no clutter feeling. It is very freeing. It felt good to get rid of pieces that didn’t work and we were just hanging on to for sentimental value- the “this is the first table we bought together” kind of pieces. Plus, it’s not every year you have an excuse to drag your mattres in the living room and sleep by the tree.

In our new place, there is a very small dining “walkway”, not even big enough to call a dining room. It is part of the open kitchen-living room layout. For the best use of space {i.e. to use as little space as possible}, I’m thinking a round table would be the best option such as a tulip table. I love it paired with traditional chairs.




tulip090612-7_rect540 tulip090612-1_rect540



What do you think? Do you like tulip tables?


A Cozy Living Room


I’ve been busy with client projects the last couple of days. I was almost done with one, but could not figure out the perfect pieces for the client’s living room. I asked JT if he could help me figure it out and this is what he came up with. Can you believe it? I’m ready to  order all of it for my own place! It seems so simple, yet inviting… rustic meets modern meets sophisticated. Yes please, I’ll take it. It’s also snowing here today so I think it seems even extra cozy.

Crate and Barrel Klyne chairs / West Elm stump side table / West Elm overarching lamp / Z Gallerie chinchila pillow / Restoration Hardware faux fur throw (a must-have staple in any home!)

What else would you pair with this combo?

The Move

Yes, the rumors are true. And, you may have already noticed I let the news slip in my about page. We are officially moving across the country- all the way from small-town Idaho to Charlotte, NC. Jt is a sales rep for his company in the mid-Atlantic region. They wanted him to live in his region and make frequent day trips rather than flying out to the east coast for a week every month. So, off to the east coast we go! We will miss our family and friends terribly but are excited to spread our wings and make our own home. The best part is when Jt travels to say D.C. or Baltimore or Charleston, I get to tag along and you know shop, blog, drink coffee, sight see, basically live large and pretend like I’m retired. We try to embrace each stage of life, make the most of it, and simply enjoy it.

On my moving checklist was a living room design. Priorities, people. The last time we moved it took me FOREVER to unpack and make the house presentable. I had too much that didn’t go together and was completely overwhelmed. This time I am determined not to let that happen and make our new place feel like home as soon as possible. Plus, it is fun to switch furniture up. It also helps that we are only taking our sofa and bed. This leaves quite a bit of room for change.

I am going for a more modern look, but still my go-to black and white (and gray) theme. I’ve had my eye on that buffet for a while now and our new living room will fit it perfectly. It’ll be opposite the sofa and the abstract painting. I bit the bullet and bought  black curtains!! I never thought I’d have black curtains, but I guess moving across the country puts curtain colors in perspective- it doesn’t really matter, so just go with what you like. It’s easy to tell clients that and now I’m liv-in’ what I’m preach-in’. And if I have black curtians, I have to have velvet leopard throw pillows because let no man separate what God has joined together. Leopard velvet and black silk are a match made in heaven. Period. I’m also incorporating other favorites- greek key, my Jonathan Adler lamp (yes, I’ve already claimed ownership), lucite, and some quirk- the hoofed end table.  I’ll be sharing pictures once it all comes to life.

xo Kelsey

P.S. As you are planning your holiday shopping, be sure to check out my under $25 gift guide!


Sweet Dreams

I’ve been tossing around some bedroom inspiration lately. I like so many different looks for the bedroom that it’s been hard to nail one down. I love the big, bold pattern in this rug. It allows for everything to be neutral and simple. And, as you know, anything gold takes the cake in my book. Look at this bedding!

My other design weakness is blue velvet. (here and here) That headboard is calling me… leave it to Mr. Nate Berkus to design one.

These drapes create a dramatic focal point in this room. The yellow with the gray walls is a winning combination. And, they pool, not puddle (big difference!), on the floor in the perfect way.

Black and white is my go-to when I can’t make up my mind. You can always add color.

The gray walls, french armchair, tufted headboard, white bedding, and fur throw create such an inviting environment. The muted colors and streamlined approach (there isn’t even a nightstand!) add a modern twist to otherwise “traditional” pieces. I highly recommend this fur throw. One is not enough in our home between two adults and a poodle.

Here’s another take on the black and white theme. Much more simple while letting that gorgeous chandelier take the stage. We have a crystal chandelier in our bedroom and I personally think it should be a staple in any bedroom. It adds a touch of romance and glamour without being in your face.

Look at that wall color! White bedding is essential to pull off that deep of a shade.

This Florentine end table stole my heart. A touch of glamour that says “I’m well traveled.” I have some Florentine nesting tables, but this end table with drawers would be more practical and sturdy. The best place to source these tables is Ebay, unless you have access to flea markets.

The simplicity and stunning wood headboard is so peaceful and inviting. The perfect place to unwind after a long day. I like how the lack of a nightstand gives off an open vibe.

Simple vignettes complete with a candle, something fresh, lucite, and a random object (I have a gold hand) give a clean, complete, and curated vibe to any space.

Which one is your favorite? Any recommendations?

P.S. Next week begins a series of holiday posts! Don’t forget to check out the “shop” tab on the menu!


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Dream Nursery Storyboard

xoxo Kelsey

P.S. We are on our way home today! Can’t wait to share our trip with you.

How I Organize my Closet

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xoxo Kelsey

Zara Home Ombre Pillows

Zara Home Ombre Pillows


Too much home goodness going on here…

/ Zara Decorative Pillows /

Zara Home Gold Picks

Zara Home Gold Picks


I have a weakness for all things gold and couldn’t have been happier to discover that Zara Home agrees with me. I’m thinking all of these could have a place in my home…


Zara Cinde Box / Zara Kathryn Dispenser / Zara Oro Viejo Flatware / Zara Eduard Butter Knife / Zara Steel Wine Glass / Zara Monocle Nest of Tables / Zara Champagne Pillow / Zara Sewell Vase / Zara Animal Candle Green Herbs / Zara Mercury Coaster / Zara Lisbeth Basket / Zara Belen Bookends / Zara Meltiar Hourglass / Zara Paula Magnifying Glass / Zara Metallic Crackle Effect Slipper


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