Our Bedroom


I wanted this bedroom to be light and airy, but still have some character. Our last bedroom was dark and had way too much packed in it. Space was very limited. In this room though, we have lots of natural light which has quickly become the number one item on my “must have in a house” list.

A couple usually has different tastes. Thankfully, JT and I agree most of the time and build on each other’s ideas. He wanted a very, very streamlined modern space- a low to ground bed, all white, etc. Our last bedroom had a bright coral headboard and it scared him a little too much I think. I wanted a modern look too (it just feels a lot cleaner and more freeing to me), but of course am drawn to more of a “glam” look. I just can’t completely suppress all my girly, “I wish I lived in Paris in the early 1900′s” urges. So, compromise.



There’s not a single touch of pink, but leopard velvet pillows add my necessary touch of glam. The mirror is very ornate and serves as the focal point in the room, but it is still clean and modern because of the white laquer finish. The bed is simple and I choose white floating shelves as our nightstands to seamlessly blend in. The linear wall lamps and curtains ground all the white with a good dose of black and balance out the ornateness of the mirror.



And of course, a poodle makes every room complete. Vincent approves.

I felt like I had so many directions I could have gone. I really relied on my Pinterest board to make sure I was sticking to looks I actually liked and not getting distracted!



Tip #1: Every space should have a touch of black. If you feel like your room isn’t quite there, double check to make sure it is grounded with some black accents.

Tip #2: Did you know animal print is considered a neutral in the design world?



How to Style a Coffee Table

coffee table.001

photo 1



photo 2

shop the look.003

I am really happy with the way our coffee table turned out. Everything is coming together! Lucite, greek key, gold accents, and lots of black and white- what more could I ask for? I’ll share more pictures of our home next week.

CB2: lucite coffee table // Target: gold sea urchin // Target: ram horns (sold out) // Nordstrom’s: horn magnifying glass // Amazon: 50 Years of Fashion Illustration // Amazon: Black and White // Target: greek key pillows // a Ross find: gold hand

A Modern Classic: The Tulip Table


So, our little place is empty. And it’s pretty close to only having our sofa, bed, boxes, and our tree {which is dropping needles like there’s no tomorrow}. You would think it be feel lonely and empty especially with Christmas less than a week away. But actually, it is sooooo nice. I’m loving the open, we have no stuff, there’s no clutter feeling. It is very freeing. It felt good to get rid of pieces that didn’t work and we were just hanging on to for sentimental value- the “this is the first table we bought together” kind of pieces. Plus, it’s not every year you have an excuse to drag your mattres in the living room and sleep by the tree.

In our new place, there is a very small dining “walkway”, not even big enough to call a dining room. It is part of the open kitchen-living room layout. For the best use of space {i.e. to use as little space as possible}, I’m thinking a round table would be the best option such as a tulip table. I love it paired with traditional chairs.







What do you think? Do you like tulip tables?