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We are back! Two continents, five countries, five languages, eight seas, one ocean, 17 days, and a bajillion espressos all made up our trip of a lifetime.

Too many memories equals too many pictures equals instagram collages. Click on the photos to zoom.

(from left to right)

so excited to leave!/ the start of our 72 hour airport and airplane time/ the gorgeous view of the Swiss Alps from the plane/ Illy espresso on our Paris layover/ the view from our apartment in Venice/ the authentic apartment/ little Venetian bridges around every corner/ stylish Italian man- the street fashion in Venice was fantastic/ taking pictures at San Marco Square/ the quintessential pigeons/ bundled up/ canals and their picturesque boats/ our midnight walk to the Rialto bridge with gelato/ beautiful marble floors everywhere/ more canals- I wanted to take a picture of every. single. one./ who says American portions are super-sized? check out that calzone!/ more canals/ people were everywhere during the day/ getting ready to board the cruise/ the belltower in San Marco Square/ the posing husband/ St. Mark’s basilica/ we found the best gelato in Venice according to Rick Steves/ a Venetian street- they are all so narrow!/ it’s not every night you have a date in Venice with that hottie

Acropolis/ it’s not every year your Christmas card picture is in front of the Parthenon/ the breath-taking view from the Acropolis/ the posing husband again/ Ephesus in ruins/ the gorgeous Ila Sofia in Istanbul- look at that sky!/ zebra-chev (i.e. zebra & chevron) in the Ila Sofia- this takes classic to a whole new level/ a Turkish rug weaving demonstration/ traditional Turkish coffee- an acquired taste to put it mildly/ the Turkish rugs I fell in love with until I realized they were 30k- “oh, we have to go now…”/ the stunning Amalfi Coast/ limoncello shots to combat motion sickness driving along that jagged coast line/ the weather was beautiful on the coast/ fresh picked lemons/ towns were stacked up the mountains on the coast/ cannolis- my midday snack/ Pompeii at sunset- I couldn’t get over all the history/ peppers- the Italian viagra and they are proud of it/ Myconian sea/ Greek lamb mmm/ hand- pressed espresso/ Myconian coast/ Mykonos streets/ posing in front of the windmills- the trademark of Mykonos/ the Greek pour is to the brim (this was at the end of the meal)

Taking pictures on one of the many beaches in Mykonos & loving the warm weather/ check out those Ray-bans/ the sunset in Mykonos/ we rented a “quad” and drove around the island all day and finished by watching the sunset (top that date!)/ still in love/ a real pita/ the Colosseum- it didn’t seem real/ stripes/ pistachio + caffe gelato= best combo/ wishing to come back to Rome at the Trevi fountain (the crowds were unreal)/ David in all his glory/ more espresso/ Ponte Vecchio over the brown, brown Amo River/ I was in gold platter heaven/ enjoying our daily wine and pizza/ Mr. Film/ the Pantheon/ more wine and pizza/ and another espresso (there’s no caffeine limits when you’re traveling)/ walking in the rain in Pisa/ he had to/ the Tower/ I had to/ Park Guell in Barcleona- beautiful/ check out the husband’s improv airport bed making- he has skillz people

Florence in all her beauty/ the real deal Caprese salad/ olive tress in front of the Duomo/ Toulon, France/ still having fun/ chandelier in St. Mary’s church in Toulon/ Tuscany is famous for their Chianti and I now know why/ Sagarada Familia- Gaudi is a mastermind (a church in a forest? brillant.)/ Hansel and Gretel inspired Gaudi to build this home in the Park Guell (making dreams come true)

There’s our trip according to Instagram! I’ll post a few more later, but for now that’s all she wrote. Thanks again to the many guest bloggers who filled in for me while we were gone!! You are much appreciated.

If you have any questions about our trip, feel free to ask them in the comments below. I’m an open book!

xoxo Kelsey

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Urban Rose: Posing for Pictures

Thanks Rosie! xoxo

If you are in the inland northwest and need photos taken, Rosie does a beautiful job. Check out her site here and blog here!


Hi all, I am so honored to be on the Kelsey Design Blog.  As a photographer, I wanted to talk about some tips on how to take flattering photos of women. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to take a photo, as the subject or the photo taker.  What to have your subject do with their hands, legs, clothes, etc. Whether you are a photographer, stylist, blogger, mother, friend, or just someone who likes to take photos, these tips will come in handy.

Tip #1 Wardobe: What kind of outfit should I wear?

First and formost, when you are going to have your photo taken you want to wear something you are comfortable in. I always tell me clients to wear something that makes them feel confident.

Here we loved the red shoes, so we used a neutral pant and patterned shirt to off set the solid shoes. A good rule of thumb for portraits is, don’t use too many patterned items of clothing. Just one will make a statement without distracting from the person in the photo.
Tip #2: Create a Visual Shape with Your Subject

As you can see  above, the photo on the left shows how boxy and flat the body looks without any posing. The photo on the right shows how to create a pleasing hour glass shape, just by the placement of the hands, feet, and hips.

There are a variety of poses that will create a pleasing shape. Experiment to see what works best for you or your subjects. You can even create this shape with the subject sitting or leaning against an object, the possibilities are endless, so get creative!

Tip#3: Avoid Forced Poses

Above is an example of forced posing. The photo on the left looks forced and stiff, where as the photo on the right looks much more natural and relaxed, keep this in mind when taking photos. Practicing in the mirror (whether you are the photographer or subject) to see what different poses look like on your body, is a useful for understanding what works for a women’s body.

Ahh, above is an example of the face you get when you tell your subject, “SMILE!”   Instead of asking them to smile, talk with them, and GET them to smile.  It is your job to get your subject’s personality to come out, and avoid the “forced smile”.

Keep talking behind the camera while you are taking photo. Ask them about their family, husband, boyfriend, or favorite pass time. This will put your subject at ease and create moments for those natural smiles to emerge.  I just love that scrunched face genuine smile, when I get that out of a session, I know I have done my job.

Tip #4: Use Motion to Create Natural Poses

If all else fails, give your subject something to do. This will put your subject at ease, everyone’s body poses differently, and it is not a one size fits all sort of deal. And don’t we all feel most confident when we are comfortable?  For example ask them to fix their hair, walk down the street away from you and then come back, twirl in a circle, or swing their arms back and forth. Any sort of motion can get them to loosen up, you might be surprised at the natural poses that result.

Just have fun and keep experiemting with new poses and techniques! I hope you all get out and try.


~Rose, Urban Rose Photo.


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When you want a comfortable and chic look, go for a loose chambray top paired with black leggings. Because when it is the middle of the week, sometimes you just need to get cozy.

xoxo Kelsey

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