Merry Christmas


Well, here we are. The world didn’t end.

And it’s three days ’til Christmas.

10 days ’til 2013 & we start our 3rd year of marriage. {Where does the time go?}

11 days ’til we start our treck across the country and leave our little home behind.

Anyhow, there’s my countdown for the next two weeks. Lots of change. I’m almost ready. How’s your holiday prep going? We are going over to our families on Christmas so there’s not too much prep that we need to do. Christmas presents are already bought, wrapped, and passed on. We are just continuing to slowly pack it all up. I’m starting to get nostalgic about leaving this little town in Idaho that I call home. There’s lot of “this is the last time that we…” But, change is good and it should hurt to leave. That means life is and has been good, just the way it should be. We never wanted to move when we weren’t happy or content in our current situation. If you don’t resolve your “issues,” they will just follow you wherever you go. There’s one statute of the Grauke life. Just what you wanted to know, right?

I hope you have a beautiful Christmas and surround yourself with loved ones. But most of all, let Christ’s love surround you. And, double up on the Christmas spirit! Pack it in because this is my favorite time of the year and I can never get enough. So, I’m going to unplug and will see you in the next year. {We have some big plans for this little blog…including another, I know, new look. I warned you. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment. I’m all ears.}

Here’s a little Christmas spirit for you and your computer:




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  1. Clare K.
    December 22

    What a lovely post – and how wise to unplug – ha I’m clearly having trouble with that part. Happy Holidays!

    • kelseygrauke
      December 27

      Yes, unplug for me means to still read blogs just not produce content. I think I might be addicted… :)

  2. Rachel Bailey Irish
    December 29

    Thinking of you as you prepare for your move. What an adventure! Love you, Kels.

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