Storyboards — $200

Affordable design plans mailed directly to your inbox!

What is storyboard design?

Storyboard Design is a guide to putting together a budget friendly, cohesive, and well designed space, inspired by your style. This includes three files:

  • The Storyboard with one round of revisions
  • A shopping list using on-line sources
  • How-to Guide for putting the room together
  • How did Storyboard Design come about?

    In decorating my own home, I realized I didn’t have a vision and just bought pieces because I liked them. Once I realized why everything wasn’t coming together (i.e. lack of a plan!), I came up with the idea of Storyboard Design. Storyboard Design gives you a vision of the finished space, and keeps you on track with buying the correct pieces. I would’ve saved a lot of time and money and after talking to family and friends, I realized there was a need for storyboard design!

    What is the value of Storyboard Design?

    Storyboard Design is easy:

    Click the buy button, link to your inspiration, you'll have a Storyboard Design inspired by you that fits your lifestyle in your inbox within 2 weeks.

    Storyboard Design is priced right, and affordable:

    $200 is such a small fee to have a designer design your space. There are no hidden fees, no designer has to come to your house, and there's no worry about whether or not a designer is jacking up the prices for textiles or fabrics.

    Storyboard Design fits your timeline and budget:

    You can finish the space as your budget and timeline allow. You can buy all the pieces in one day or one every month until you get them all.

    Storyboard Design is inspired from your style:

    It's totally you and what you want. And if there's something you don't particularly like, you get one round of revisions, absolutely free.

    What is the process of Storyboard Design?

    Once payment is submitted through the buy now button below, you will be taken to a form with questions regarding your taste. This questionnaire will ask about your color preferences, styles, questions about the space and ask for a link to your pinterest board with inspiration or there is also an option to upload photos of your favorite spaces. This is key in undestanding your likes and dislikes, so please be thorough in your inspiration. I will correspond via e-mail with any additional questions. You will receive your Storyboard Design, look it over, and, if so desired, you may have one round of revisions. Any additional revisions are $25.


    Storyboard Design Additional Revision - $25

    If you need to have an additional round of revisions, please click the buy now button and place your order. You will then be contacted by Kelsey Design for next steps.


    Ask the Designer — $35

    Have a design question that you just can't figure out? Not sure how high to hang your painting? What do I do with a corner fireplace? What to do with this blank wall? This is your chance to pick my brain. Just fill out the form below with whatever question you would like. Make sure it is detailed enough because you only have one!

    What is your question?


    Finishing a Space / Accessorizing — $100

    If your space requires just a few more finishing touches, such as a rug, curtains, pillows, than this service is for you! The process is the same as outlined in the Storyboard service, but the focus is on the last few finishing touches.