A Modern Classic: The Tulip Table


So, our little place is empty. And it’s pretty close to only having our sofa, bed, boxes, and our tree {which is dropping needles like there’s no tomorrow}. You would think it be feel lonely and empty especially with Christmas less than a week away. But actually, it is sooooo nice. I’m loving the open, we have no stuff, there’s no clutter feeling. It is very freeing. It felt good to get rid of pieces that didn’t work and we were just hanging on to for sentimental value- the “this is the first table we bought together” kind of pieces.¬†Plus, it’s not every year you have an excuse to drag your mattres in the living room and sleep by the tree.

In our new place, there is a very small dining “walkway”, not even big enough to call a dining room. It is part of the open kitchen-living room layout. For the best use of space {i.e. to use as little space as possible}, I’m thinking a round table would be the best option such as a tulip table. I love it paired with traditional chairs.




tulip090612-7_rect540 tulip090612-1_rect540



What do you think? Do you like tulip tables?



  1. We just got one and I love it — adds the perfect modern touch!

    • kelseygrauke
      December 27

      Good to know! Is it from Ikea?

  2. I love them! Especially mixed with different chairs. I really want the one from Ikea for our breakfast room.

    • kelseygrauke
      December 27

      Yes, I’m hoping to get that one from Ikea too!

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